24X7 Central Monitoring Station

As part of our growing network, we have established our state of the art Central Monitoring Station (CMS). Our CMS has been established at Pune, India, which is functioning 24 hours and 365 days.


The service being made available through the CMS is unique covering Fire Safety preparedness monitoring; Fire Alerts and or any related Immediate Actions for our customers or for their vendors.


From this control room, we monitor health of your Fire Safety equipment and systems installed at your business or residential premises, and assist you along with your vendor in effective management of the Fire Safety equipment and systems.

Health Reports

We produce Site Health Reports at pre-determined frequency to report health statuses of your Fire Safety equipment and systems.


These reports are shared with our customers through e-mail. Our customers have access to the health reports from our online portal too.


The health reports are helpful to understand the issues faced by their Fire Safety equipment and systems and based on that, necessary action can be taken to resolve them immediately.


This health report enhances the ability to understand latest health status of Fire Safety equipment and systems and face the challenging situations of Fire Accidents confidently with full preparation.


We will soon be providing our customers a facility of dashboard to view current status of their Fire Safety equipment and systems. This will facilitate them to easily understand the issues faced by the Fire fighting apparatus and take quick actions to address the problems.


The dashboards will also bring in some useful statistics and analytics, which will further improve the effectiveness of Fire Safety apparatus and potentially reduce the maintenance cost.

Online Audits

FireTweet will perform online audits of your Fire Safety preparedness because your Fire Safety apparatus is being monitored electronically at real time.


This service will give you unbiased view of your site and reduce or eliminate the human error/manipulation factors.


This will also facilitate our customers to acquire ‘Smart Fire Safety Rating’ that will be introduced soon, which may result in reduction in the insurance cost to our customers.


FireTweet imparts its customers the Fire Safety training to effectively fight the fire accidents and take appropriate action to effectively use Fire Safety equipment and Systems to minimize the damage to the property and life.


These trainings are conducted by our skilled staff who have worked in Fire Safety domain for long time.



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